Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chapter 9: in which I am reminded of why I became a librarian.

About half an hour ago, I was sorting the comic books over in our graphic novels section. I try to put them in order every week or so, because they become disorganized. This isn't helped by the fact that certain comics change title and numbering in weird ways (for the record, it goes Batman Adventures 1-18, then Batman Strikes 1-present. It also goes Captain America 1-32, then Captain America 1-present. If in doubt, look at the copyright information on page 3).

Anyway, I was sorting comics, and kids were coming over, looking through the graphic novels on the shelves and the comic books I was putting in order. I suddenly realized that there were too many people looking through the comics for me to actually sort them. For a nano-second I was irritated, because I couldn't finish doing my job. Then I just thought:

There are eight kids here, poring over comic books, finding stuff they love reading. Each of them has a stack of books under their arms and is looking to get a stack more. Each of them is enthusiastic about getting what they want to read, unafraid of asking questions, and polite enough not to get in each others way. This is a really really good thing.

Some days, I love my job.


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