Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A moving experience

I've been moving house recently (finished the last big part of it today, in fact) and I've noticed something throughout the housebuying process:

I found my realtors online.
They sent me houses to look at via email.
The vast majority of my contact with the mortgage broker was through email.
We emailed back and forth to haggle over the price and establish a closing date.
The new appliances we got for the house (refrigerator and PC) we found online.
We picked out paint colors for the rooms from the Glidden and Behr websites.
We booked our movers online.

Almost everything we needed to do to successfully move was carried out with communications technology that most people hadn't heard of fifteen years ago. It was through the use of this technology that we were able to get signed documents from the UK (my home country) in 20 minutes rather than two weeks.

I don't think I appreciated it before, but the Internet really has changed every aspect of my life.

I wonder what further changes web 2.0 will bring?


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