Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Feeding my addiction

I love Bloglines.

I love Bloglines because it's incredibly simple to add feeds, find new things to read, look around for fascinating features, and get it all sent to one page.

I also love Bloglines because it's just as easy to stop getting these feeds.

When I first started up using Bloglines back in April, my attitude was that of a kid in a sweetshop. I got BBC News, and The Guardian, and the feed from http://www.achewood.com and The Panda's Thumb, and Scienceblogs and....

...and it was way too much to read in one sitting. I quickly found myself skipping half the posts, then three quarters of the posts.

So I pared it down. I was merciless. I got rid of everything.

Except Achewood. and The Panda's Thumb. And Learning 2.0. And Tametheweb.

I'm an addict, you see. I'm addicted to information. Bloglines was like mainlining, and I ODed.

Oh well. Everything in moderation. And that includes moderation.


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